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Wellness at Work

We are a workplace wellness provider, yet, we are a wellness provider unlike any other, with an approach to workplace wellness which is uniquely and intuitively compelling, demonstrably and exceptionally effective, and priced to accommodate all workplace wellness budgets.

Our dedicated and professional Wellness Coaches continuously help our clients’ employees help themselves through personal, interactive wellness lecture and workshops in the workplace, and through our newsletters, as well as live, face-to-face, care session and full biometric wellness assessments available right in Stockley Park where most of us spend the majority of our waking hours.

This is what we do, and what distinguishes us from traditional wellness providers. It is our business mission, our passion, and our single-minded focus. And we know we make a real difference…providing our clients with the most innovative, comprehensive and effective wellness strategy possible. Finally, employers now have access to a wellness strategy which will actually improve overall employee population health…one that can consistently help them control the alarming human and business consequences of increasingly poor employee health.

Contact Arena Wellness Centre today for a full wellness implementation strategy meeting, either for employers or even employees; let us help you discover wellness at work!

Arena Wellness Centre
Hillingdon Chiropractor
Pole Hill Road
Hillingdon, MIDDX UB11 1AA
Phone: (020) 8848-8787

The Old Farm Wellness Lodge
Hillingdon Chiropractor
Pole Hill Road,
Hillingdon, MIDDX UB10 0QE
Phone: (020) 8848-8787

Proudly serving – Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Hayes, Heathrow,
Stockley Park, West Drayton and Yeading