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Patient centred approach to care
… its all about you!

Our Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Spinal Therapists, and Physiotherapists, and Sports Therapists all work together, sharing knowledge and experience. We believe in a thorough “no nonsense” approach to your care.

Where necessary your corrective care would consist of a procedure called a “corrective spinal adjustment” this involves careful and precise joint manipulation, with such techniques only performed with the patient’s full consent. These could be performed with our hands by our highly experienced and trained team members and we have a variety of “non manipulative” techniques which use gentle forces either with our precise instruments or our specialised tables. We will choose the right treatment for you based on your condition, your preference and your comfort.

We also use plenty of soft tissue techniques, including massage, applied to sore tight muscles, and we have found medical acupuncture to be particularly effective when combined with our traditional forms of treatment.

Also, like most physiotherapists, all of our therapists are trained in the use of electrotherapy, such as ultrasound, cold laser diode therapy, TENS and Muscle Stimulation which can be very useful for rehabilitation as well as tendon and ligaments problems…

This means our team of therapists have all the necessary skills and abilities to provide the gold standard of treatment.