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New Patient Reviews

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    I would like to say that the treatment I received has enabled me to maintain an active lifestyle. All the staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. I feel as though I’m part of the Wellness family.

    -Audley H.
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    Many thanks Guys, All the best Enrico 

    -Enrico M.
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    I particularly like that the practitioners take the time to explain how the treatment works.

    -Sabina M.
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    Very kind and caring staff, I’m always nervous but everyone is friendly.

    -Susan E.
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    Very friendly and helpful staff.

    -Janet D.
  • Reviews

    I feel a great improvement already. Every one was so sweet and helpful.

    -Bridget J.
  • Reviews

    Since my first visit to the practise I have been very pleased and happy with the service and treatment provided. since I have recommended about 5 people to the practise who say the same .Thank you.

    -Kulwant R.
  • Reviews

    Great staff, great experience.

    -Kaljeet D.
  • Reviews

    Very friendly staff and always keeping you informed of how you are getting on which is encouraging.

    -Clare B.
  • Reviews

    Excellent practice. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Very friendly and approachable. Definitely recommend to my friends.

    -Duncan W.
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    friendly staff, great attention to detail. Helpful advice and treatment that works based on your individual problems. 

    -Robert P.
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    Very friendly and welcoming. A great service!

    -Charlotte K.
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    A very friendly home to visit! All the team are very welcoming and I look forward to my monthly visits! Keep up the very good work.

    -Mark S.
  • Reviews

    Staff are Brilliant. The overall environment of the practice is very welcoming and friendly

    -Farhaan S.
  • Reviews

    Great place, staffed by wonderful people whom are very help and friendly. Happily recommended to others.

    -Janine T.
  • Reviews

    Arena Wellness is a professional environment with open, friendly staff. Highly recommended to anyone.

    -Theresa T.
  • Reviews

    Everyone is sincerely friendly making you feel very comfortable while having your treatment.

    -Terry L.
  • Reviews

    Every time you attend, You are received with a big smile that makes you feel that you are cared for.

    -Ajaib P.

It’s a lovely friendly place, you are made to feel very welcome, everyone, including other patients, are really friendly and relaxed.
~Kathleen W.

That place of continual healing that leads to a pain-free life—- “The irregular notion that is given to those in search of higher truth, concomitant with the integration of complete well-being often stems from the inculcation of religious observance and the clarion call to look upwards. This revelatory co-ordinate would depend entirely upon the point at which perception lies.

Luckily for me there existed in this a kernel of truth, and so circa 2005 my personal journey to avail myself of an ongoing back issue and maintain complete holistic healing converged, when in the month of April, I was to enter the peace and sanctuary of the Old Health Lodge, located originally above the business centre at Stockley Park, Hayes. Team Chiasson – that’s Dr Louise Chiasson – Baxter and her devoted team, would exponentially multiply my own personal initiative and broaden my perspective on wellness and what health and wellbeing really means, above and beyond purely self reductive day upon day of quasi – notions of physical perfection in the gym environment.

There was a fundamental error I had made, a gargantuan blip that had unconsciously been festering in the background, which I was entirely unaware of, in spite of everything else—including a conveniently placed notion of well-being that had erked me so. I had thus continued on my merry way until getting out of bed and looking and feeling like the letter ‘Z’ started to make that ol’ metaphorical elephant growing in size and the issues becoming increasingly unavoidable. Pain is not unavoidable, but its a sure sign that somethings up, and no amount of anesthetising by strenuous exercising or books on enlightenment would be tantamount to dumbing and numbing. It is said sometimes that fate intervenes and breaks the chains of our restriction. Until then there is that hoped for dramatic change, that place of continual healing that leads to a pain-free life.

You put up with a situation for so long feeling at times that nothing is going to change….then suddenly a deviation from the norm and progress. Nothing is ever the same again. The only contract required of you from Dr. Louise and hr team is that you commit to the journey ahead with perseverance, responsibility and a willingness to instigate change, and team Chiasson will do the rest —-that is to elicit the kind of environment and empowerment conducive to positive outcomes. So this is where I am at present, not in despair but in a place where the role of back pain has now proceeded to carry less weight and consume a lot less of my time and energy.” ~Olatunji A.

I’ve been with the practice for two years now and would not be able to do the things I do if it wasn’t for their care and knowledge. ~Maria C.

I find this practice very professional and very friendly, would definitely recommend to anyone who needs to be straightened out! ~Mark B.

I was in so much pain that I could not even sit in the car, since I have been going to the practice I have had great improvement. You almost feel like part of a family when you go for your appointments. Friendly staff. Not much parking space but I have been lucky most of my visits to get parking. Also you meet other people with their own experiences which also gives positive feedback. ~Mohinder G.

Fantastic place, very helpful and caring staff. Well trained and experienced. Overall I would rate this 10/10 and i would be happy to refer this place to all my friends and family. ~Nandan S.

Dr Louise, I would just like to say that I have been visiting the chiropractor in Nice whom you found for me on the internet and it has been very helpful. Thank you so much. Added to your excellent treatment, the problems I had with the sciatic nerve have almost disappeared. He was very impressed to see the X-rays and thought that to be a very good idea. Thank you so much and best wishes. ~Jill B.

At last someone is listening to me and has a positive response to the pain I was enduring and I immediately felt that the staff understood my problem and that help was at hand! Although I still have a way to go I’m so much better both mentally and physically than I was 6 months ago that I can’t thank Dr. Louise and her staff enough! ~Dawn A.

I felt very welcomed and everyone was very professional and genuinely interested in my needs. I felt better in only a few sessions. I have recommended them to my family and friends. ~Jacqueline B.

I have had wonderful treatment and a very happy experience at this clinic. I went from very disabled and using a stick for the past three years to being active, pain free and with a life again. After only 2 months treatments I was free from painkillers and depression. Hospital said my choice was a serious back operation or chronic pain relief injections. The injections did not work but The Wellness Centre did. Thank you every one of the staff who did this for me.

~Gillian G

I have had regular massages and chiropractic adjustments here for over 2 years now and I am very happy with my treatments. Dr.Louise and her staff are all very friendly and keen to help with all sorts of health issues. ~Susan T.

Excellent, friendly and warm clinic who actually listen to your requirements, exacting your personal treatment. Highly recommend!!

~George K.

Great team, always friendly and helpful and ready to listen if you have a query. Happy to, to discuss your health issues at any time, no separate appointment necessary. Thrilled to be under their care.~Tracy R.

It’s a relief to find a health practice which is not overly expensive , doesn’t patronize me and is thorough in their explanation and research.

~Julian W.

Thank you for everything and keep up the good work! You’re all amazing and you’ve helped me so much already! ~Kamal K.

I have total faith in every member of staff at the centre and that their primary concern is for the well being of their patients. I know that if I have any issues that Dr. Louise and the team will do everything possible to get me sorted out.

~Mark C.

As my first experience at this I found it all very reassuring, and helpful, and have been a long term patient for over 2 yrs now, and have been bought back to good health after years off pain due to car accident. I found all the staff to be friendly and very caring always. ~Barbara K.

Each and every one of the therapist take great pride in offering the very best service they can. They don’t let you back out of the door until they are sure they have made a difference. People are not rushed in and out and each person is treated like they are part of one very big family. I for one would not want to go anywhere else.

~Hannah O.

Will always recommend to others and have done so. Before I was recommended to this practice I could not do everyday tasks without first taking medication for pain relief. After a few months of attending this Centre, the pain was gone and my sense of well being is good. I now run my own business where I do a lot of physical movement 7 days per week, I could not have obtained this before. ~Jill P.

A really welcoming practice with friendly staff. All advice and treatment I have been given I totally trust and as a result have now started to see a real improvement in my health.

~Roy H.

The staff are wonderful. I especially note the extra effort made by people like Anya, Greg, Amar and Andrew…..nothing is too much trouble! ~Sunil A.

Previous to this I had visited many chiropractors who treated me but I felt no relief from the treatment I had. After being referred to Dr. Louise’s practice, from the moment I made my first appointment on the phone to now every single time I walk into the practice I am met by professional and friendly staff who make me feel special. Ever since I have been to Dr. Louise’s clinic I have felt relief and I am on my pathway to recovery, my questions are always answered and I am regularly reviewed every time I visit them. Put it this was I am much much healthier and on the pathway to recovery. I couldn’t thank the staff and Dr. Louise any more.

~ Harpinder B.

I actually look forward to coming into the clinic, chatting a bit, getting adjusted. Dr. Louise and her staff of amazing caregivers knew how to minister to my physical, emotional and spiritual body — all at the same time. It takes a special gift to do what they do and I am eternally grateful to them for their compassionate and thorough care. I always feel important and listened to, and never leave the office without learning something new about my health and well-being. ~Sue B.