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The Arena Wellness Centre Team

Dr Louise Chiasson DC Chiropractor

Owner/Director of The Health Lodge

Dr Louise is the Senior CLinical director and a qualified and registered Chiropractor, she is also on the register of Osteomyologists in the UK, an alternative therapy spinal manipulation register.  She works primarily from the Health Lodge practice in Hillingdon.

If you require a female only practitoner please make sure you speak to our reception team so we can accommodate you properly…read more»

Raymond Francis Spinal therapist/Osteomyologist

Owner/Director Arena Wellness Centre

To all who don’t know me. My name is Ray Francis and I am based at the Arena Wellness Centre in Stockley Park. I was a playing pro football when an injury bought me to see Dr Louise and my amazing journey began.

I had always studied whilst playing football as a back up. I was a basic qualified personal trainer back then. I didn’t get the big break that I was hoping for but despite my travels I remained in touch and in care with Dr Louise. Whilst living in Leeds I began to branch out into sports rehabilitation work. Having studied to become an elite personal trainer and having devised my own rehab program for a collar bone and shoulder dislocation due to football injury. I worked close with the Leeds Rhinos 1st and reserve team.

I moved back to the big smoke which is London (home). I was once again reunited with family and friends. It was here I began working for Dr Louise as her Technical clinic assistant. I was also studying at the same time to become an Osteomyologist (Spinal Therapist).

I did take some time out from the clinic due to personal reasons but returned to join a fantastic company and team once again. In my spare time as well as being a father.

I play football for Charity football team called Once Upon a Smile.  We think travel across the country raising money for children and families which are in trouble financially or emotionally.

I have been known to have done some acting and modelling work in the past.

You will see that I am a gentle giant who is here to do my very best to help which is why I am part of this team and company. For that’s is why we do what we do. We care. Take care, Ray

Andrew James: Clinical Assistant at The Health Lodge

Andrew has been a part of our clinic for many years, as a receptionist and assistant in the beginning, he had a break from chiropractic to spend time in the military, after a few years, he is now back and working as a massage therapist, Personal trainer and chiropractic / physio assistant.

He holds specialist qualifications in exercise for weight loss & nutrition for weight management as well as sport performance.  He teaches our core stability classes as well as being responsible fore patient rehabilitation and our patients personalised postural reconstruction plans.

Andrew has worked for many chiropractors and has been a patient himself since childhood always keen to share his experiences of wellness with everyone he meets.

Andrew coordinates our workplace free spinal check stands and takes our family and introductory workshops.

Andrew is studying to become a spinal therapist and constantly has his head in the books, learning both at university and from our senior clinic staff. He has a passion for rehabilitation of injuries ( having suffered a few himself) he is always understanding and caring.

He hopes to enlighten everyone he meets about correction and wellness not just pain relief, trying to encourage everyone to make the right health choices through increased knowledge, he believes we can all be healthier!

Andrew lives with his fiancée Lauren who is a fashion designer, and picks all his clothes.

Andrew primarily works from The Health Lodge practice in Hillingdon.

Amardeep Dhillon: Clinical Assistant at The Health Lodge

Hello,My name is Amar, and I am a part time clinic assistant, you will mainly see me on Saturdays.

I’d like for you to know that if you are interested in starting with care, I was personally in the same place at 16 years old, so I’ve been there as well, and the first thing I want to let you know is you’ve come to the right place!

I became aware of chiropractic at a very young age due to an injury I sustained at Tae- Kwon-do in 2002 aged just 12! I had sciatica for four years. After experimentation with other forms of treatment such as orthopaedic consultants, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and even other chiropractic clinics, I was told about the Arena wellness Centre. After keeping ALL my appointments and coming for regular care, as well as doing my exercises, I finally obtained health!

I was so interested in Chiropractic and the clinic that I did my work experience in the practice, and started working in reception. I am now trained as a clinical assistant and am ready to encourage you, and give you the best of my knowledge. You can get better! I’ve done it and I’ve seen so many other people get better while working here!

I have now finished my Degree in sports science and work as a personal trainer, but will always be a part of the arena team helping with massage and exams and am always here to help.

Amardeep mainly works from our Old Farm Lodge practice in Hillingdon, he is currently on sabbatical in Australia.

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