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Hillingdon Chiropractor Louise Chiasson DC

“My friends and family thought I was crazy when I told them I didn’t wish to go to medical school, after all it had been my childhood dream”

As a child I always had a driven desire to help people with sickness and disease reach better health. My older sister became a Nurse and studied at one of Canada’s premier universities in Montreal, and it was my dream to do the same or excel even further! That all changed at my high school career day when a chiropractor walked into our classroom.

I was fifteen years old and it was at West Kings District High School in Auburn Nova Scotia.

She had such energy and passion, and her ideals of a healthy society really sparked my interest and matched mine. My friends and family thought I was crazy because I immediately decided I would be a Chiropractor, they did eventually talk me out of it, but only for a little while…during my undergraduate studies in sports medicine and rehabilitation, I heard about chiropractic again, and I decided this time I was going all the way! I applied for College in California (I chose the California campus pretty much because I was a little sick of SNOW! ), and I packed my bags for America less than four weeks later, much to the shock of my parents! I’ve never looked back.

Chiropractic has been the most rewarding career path I could ever have chosen!

Today’s modern environment is leading the human race to higher levels of disease ever imagined. It is only a faint memory of the older generations to remember a time when parents died of old age, and cancer and autism were rare. It is my profound belief that the choices we make influence our health, and the health of our children or future children. I am passionate about allowing each and every person to express their optimal health and genetic ability through not only proper nervous system supply with chiropractic care, but with diet, exercise and nutrition.

I am passionate about educating people, empowering people and coaching people to better health. You just have to make a decision, do you want better health? If the answer is yes, then we are here for you!

Whether you want to get rid of your head aches or back pain, or whether you want to lose weight and find natural ways to manage your blood pressure or diabetes, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

I personally receive Chiropractic Care on a weekly basis, and would not be able to work as I do or have the energy and enthusiasm in my life if I did not do so. I practice yoga weekly as well as some back exercises, and of course my practice keeps me fit! I am very mindful of my nutrition, and I want my body to receive as much real food as possible. We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, rather than grains.

I consider myself an excellent listener and motivator. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge, and especially your specific health goals. Give our Hillingdon office a call or email me with the link below, and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.”

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