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Massage Therapy Services

At both of our wellness centres  we offer sports and remedial deep tissue massage that is suitable for everyone from the old, the new, the couch potato to the professional athlete! Our highly trained and highly skilled massage therapists incorporate the latest scientific approaches for optimum long term relief of muscular tension by using use the most advanced massage techniques available. this includes Cross friction massage with slow sustained strokes, as well as myofascial release which follows the body’s over all muscle movement patterns and trigger point therapy.

Our therapist to use their expert knowledge of human anatomy to work on individual muscle fibres, as well as improve your overall structure and posture. The kneading can be firm in order to break adhesions and stretch out tight muscle fibres, however our massage is also relaxing because the strokes are slow and sustained so giving the body time to relax into them.

We believe this enables us to offer the most effective
Massage therapy for long term relief of muscular tension and posture correction

Our massage routines can be used in conjunction with your chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment or just to help relieve every day stress and tension.  It can also help prevent or recover from injury, optimise your sporting performance, and when used regularly, as a way of keeping muscles and joints supple and relaxed, thereby helping to maintain the health and vitality of the whole structure of your body.

We also offer pre and post natal massage, and seated massage when needed.

Louise Chiasson DC | Hillingdon Chiropractor | (020) 8848-8787

Massage Therapy in Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Hayes, Heathrow,
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