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Dry Needle Acupuncture at Arena Wellness Centre

The Differences of Dry Needling

When most people think of acupuncture they think of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCA) as practised by Chinese acupuncturists and some physiotherapists. However Medical Acupuncture or Dry needling is different to TCA in several ways. Dry needling is practised by medical doctors and allied health professionals who have taken the relevant extra training. Dry Needling fits into a western medical framework of diagnosis based on a modern understanding of human anatomy and physiology rather than the eastern based philosophy of TCA. With Dry needling fewer needles tend to be used and the main targets are “trigger points” within tight muscles that cause localised and/or “referred” pain.

Therefore needle penetration tends to be deeper with Dry needling, the needles penetrate directly into the muscles rather then going just under the skin as is most often the case with TCA. This is usually not as painful as one might think since the needles used tend to be very thin, although a distinct and characteristic twitch is usually felt within the muscle which signifies the practitioner has hit the exact spot causing the problem. Due to this exact and direct approach dry needling usually provides significant relief in symptoms even after the first treatment. One of the ways in which Dry needling is thought to work is by stimulating blood flow to areas within the muscles which have become starved of blood due being extremely knotted or tight, these are the “trigger points”. Stimulating blood flow to these trigger points brings with it oxygen and other nutrients which help the trigger point relax and recover, thus reducing pain

Is Dry Needling Right For You?

Dry needling is available at both our centres in Hillingdon and Stockley park. Medical acupuncture is available in conjunction with Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment (at no extra cost) or as a standalone treatment.

For those who do not like the idea of using acupuncture needles we offer acupressure or trigger point therapy as an alternative. While the results from acupressure may not be as quick or as effective as using needles it can still be a highly successful approach for a range conditions, especially tension headaches and other myofascial referred pain syndromes.

Contact us today to find out if this treatment could benefit you.