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Chiropractic and Spinal care

Our specialised spinal care involves specific targeting of fixated and malfunctioning vertebrae and spinal mechanics.  This helps us get to the exact point of where your back pain, neck pain, sciatica and other conditions are coming from so we can use our advanced spinal correcting techniques to restore not only proper motion back to the spine, but also restore health!

Aches and pains, sickness and disease, are signs that your body isn’t right. Your brain, spinal cord and all your complex connections of nerves control how your body works. Physical, chemical and mental stresses cause tension and distortions to your spine and surrounding muscles, ligaments and tissues.

When your body is in such a state that is not normal, muscles contract, joints start to seize up and pinch or irritate nerves. When your nervous system is not working as it was designed to, your health integrity is compromised and you start on a path of ill-health, leading to sickness, pain and disease.  This recognises the importance of a healthy nervous system, functioning at 100%, to achieve optimal health and wellness.

This is why Chiropractic continues to serve millions of people around the world every day to achieve optimal health and why the spinal care available at the The Health Lodge has become the largest source of Natural health for people in Hillingdon.

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